After being turned away from school, Chicago student shot and killed walking home

FOX 32 NEWS - An 18-year-old was turned away from school for not wearing part of the uniform. He was then shot and killed while walking home with a friend and his friend's mom.

The drive-by happened at 10:30 Wednesday morning in the middle of the street. His friends mother was there and saw the whole thing, and even tried saving the boy's life.

"It's getting senseless out here, that could have been my son, that could've been me, that could've been my aunty, that could've been me, that could've been anybody today," said Liz Doss.

Doss went to pick up her son and his 18-year-old friend from Excel Academy of South Shore. She says they were sent home for not wearing bowties, which is part of the school uniform.

Doss says she and the boys were about two blocks from school, crossing a street near 75th and Colfax when a black car pulled up and shots rang out.

"They both turned and run, my son tried to come back for me and I said just keep running," Doss said.

Her son was not injured, but his friend was shot in the abdomen and hand. Doss says she tried to help the boy by putting pressure on his wounds.

"I stayed out there with him and I took my shirt off, put pressure to his stomach, I feel like I failed because he still died," Doss said.

He was rushed to Northwestern Hospital where he died. Police say it's unclear who the intended target was, but say the 18-year-old has no known gang ties.

"It's time to go, I love this city that I live in, but it's time to go, the violence ain't getting no better," Doss said.

No one else was shot, but Doss did injure her wrist when she fell to the ground.

The school told FOX 32 that the victim and his friend left classes "on their own accord." But his friend's mom insists the boys were told to leave because of uniform violations.

Police say they are still investigating and no one is in custody.