After falling victim to porch pirate, man builds special package for thieves

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- How many people wish they could get back at thieves taking packages that don't belong to them? Well, one Valley resident is trying to do just that, after getting his delivery taken from his home recently.

Joe Jacinto is living out a scenario that more than a few people in the Valley have thought about.

"Let's go ahead and give them back what they deserve," said Jacinto.

Someone took Jacinto's Amazon delivery, and he was able to see it on camera

"A package got delivered from Amazon, I got a notification saying it was delivered, they took a picture of where it was, I got home and it was gone," sid Jacinto

But Jacinto didn't just sit idly by. He put together his own special delivery, packing a box with nothing but the best for the thief.

"It's a piece of rock, a bunch of dog hair which I trimmed my dogs over the weekend, and a bunch of dog poop," said Jacinto.

Jacinto got the original theft on camera. Now, he's hoping to capture the moment another porch pirate takes the bait.

"This is something that don't belong to them," said Jacinto. "They don't have any rights of coming onto someone's yard and taking what's not theirs."

Maybe, just maybe, a thief thinks twice next time before they try to swipe someone else's stuff.

"They're in for a big surprise," said Jacinto. "Hopefully, they'll like it."