Airport delays expected this holiday weekend

According to AAA 700,000, more people will travel compared to last year, and many will take to the skies since domestic flight prices are tracking 26% cheaper this year. So if you're heading to the airport, you can expect a lot of people.

"No problem at all, I mean we came through Philly. We had to go through a couple of things, terminals, but, no this airport is great, you get right through," said Dylan Smith.

The TSA lines at Sky Harbor may not be existent but this weekend things are expected to pick up. Dylan Smith is visiting the valley from Rhode Island for a hockey tournament.

Extra travelers means a boom in business for airport vendors, especially at Peet's Coffee and Tea.

"I wish it were like this everyday," said Bruce Mosby.

Mosby says they've already seen a spike in sales of their specialty coffee's and pastries at both of their airport locations.

"In terms of the overall business in the airport, March is the busiest month of the year for the airport and actually right now we're experiencing days leading into Memorial Day weekend that is sort of similar to a March days which means our business is up quite a bit," he said.

Mosby says a full staff will work through the weekend to keep up with the crowds. They'll make sure people are fully caffeinated ahead of any travel trouble that may await.

"Leading into this Memorial Day vs. last year we're about 30% ahead of where we were," said Mosby.

If you're planning to fly, TSA recommends getting to the airport at least 2 hrs ahead of your flight. AAA says more than 1.6 million Arizonans are planning to drive to their destinations as well.