American Cancer Society needs volunteers to drive patients to treatment

The American Cancer Society is seeking volunteers for a program that will help cancer warriors down their road to recovery.

Arizona resident Dana Conway survived breast cancer 11 years ago after going through a lumpectomy and radiation treatment.

When she was in the midst of her battle, Dana was introduced to a program called Road to Recovery, which provides free rides to cancer treatments.

Now, she gets behind the wheel to help other cancer patients make their battles a little easier.

The American Cancer Society says many people need daily or weekly cancer treatments, often over the course of several months. 

Family or friends may help, but they may not always have to time or resources to provide every ride, which can create a barrier to cancer treatment.

"It takes the stress off the patient, I think, but it also gives me such joy just to know I'm helping," Conway said.

The organization is in need to volunteers to drive, because even the best treatments won't work if a patient can't get to their appointment.

"The driving part is not the part I enjoy," Conway said. "It's spending time with someone [who's] apprehensive, could be terrified, just need an outside ear, and it makes me feel useful to know that there's somebody rooting for them that's not their family - it's another survivor."

Those interested in the program need to own or have regular access to a safe and reliable car.

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Dana Conway

Dana Conway