Animal rescue documents rescued dog caring for a litter of motherless kittens

A Phoenix animal rescue is documenting a love story between a mother dog who lost her babies who is now caring for a litter of kittens who lost their mother.

Georgia is a mother again after the Sunshine Dog Rescue took in three motherless kittens, just days old, the rescue posted onto Facebook Aug. 15. She took to them right away, and soon, they took to her, too.

The kittens nurse off of Georgia as she looks over them at the rescue, watching them grow day-by-day, lifting her spirits after losing her puppies during birth.

Unfortunately one of the kittens passed away, the rescue said Aug. 16.

With one more kitten added to the litter through another rescue, the crew was back to 3 kittens, named Graffiti, Gumball and Goober.

Georgia came to the rescue initially after being found living at a rural gas station at the Arizona-Mexico border, along with another dog now named Denver. Soon after being rescued, she was found out to be pregnant.

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