AP: Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan loses GOP primary

PHOENIX (AP) -- Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan has lost her re-election bid in a Republican primary to businessman Steve Gaynor.

Gaynor, who owns a printing plant in Los Angeles, beat Reagan in Tuesday's primary. He campaigned on running a more efficient office, focusing on elections division.

Reagan is a former state lawmaker who has championed increased online processes for those who use the office's services.

During her first term, she launched a new website aimed at increasing transparency for political donations.

Gaynor criticized the site as a poor use of tax dollars.

The latest round of campaign finance reports show Gaynor, a largely self-funded candidate who made multiple loans to his campaign, spent around $967,000 from July through mid-August.

Reagan spent around $182,000.

Gaynor will face unopposed Democrat Katie Hobbs in November.