Arcadia residents say motel along Thomas Road has become a crime magnet

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Residents near the Arcadia area of Phoenix are upset about what they believe has become a crime magnet: a Motel 6 along Thomas Road that some believe is attracting more than just hotel guests.

On Wednesday night, members of the nearby community joined with Phoenix Police to discuss what can be done to fix a problem that they believe will only get worse before it gets better.

"You see more traffic of undesirables," said local business investor Martha Doster.

"They don't care about the community or for what's going on for us," said Amanda Goossen, who lives in the area.

Arcadia residents are furious at the owners of a hotel property near 36th Street and McDowell. Ever since a brand switch to Motel 6, they say crime has skyrocketed.

"I've watched prostitutes get out of cars on my street, and walk across the street into the motel, and as men wait for them in their car to come back," said Goossen.

"Vandalism, homelessness, people sleeping on our property, people leaving us their garbage, big amounts of garbage, and just an overall feeling that the tenants have that the neighborhood is not safe," said Doster.

"I am not here to make any excuses," said owner Dennis Artelis.

The owners admitted at the community meeting Wednesday that the arrangement with Motel 6 has not gone smoothly. Meanwhile, Motel 6 released a statement, saying they don't "condone the unlawful activity", and that "they're working with the owner".

However, Artelis says he's ending the relationship with Motel 6 by July.

"We're truly sorry that we've put our employees, neighbors, fire department and police officers in this situation," said Artelis.

"It would change our neighborhood we need our neighborhood back," said Goossen.