Arizona community comes out in droves to support black-owned businesses

Several local businesses owned by black men and women are ready for another busy night of sales as the community brings in its support amid growing national unrest after George Floyd's death.

Organizations suggested people spend their money at these local businesses to help fight social injustice, and sales took off.

Tuesday afternoon, business at Honey Bear's BBQ was starting to pick up, but it was nothing out of the ordinary. But by night, the owner said sales tripled.

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By Wednesday, FOX 10 learned this was not unique across the valley. The community is coming out in droves to support black-owned businesses.

Dana Dumas says it’s been pretty much like this all week at Sugar Jam in Scottsdale. Her business has been flooded with orders. She wasn’t even open Tuesday but still received orders for more than 20 pies.

"The outpouring I received, the direct messaging I’ve received from people that have been to Sugar Jam, people that have heard of Sugar Jam ... it’s just mind blowing," Dumas said.

West Alley BBQ in Chandler ran out of food by 4:30 p.m. Tuesday. At Trapp Haus BBQ in Phoenix, the owner said the support has almost brought tears to his eyes.

Dumas said she’s bringing extra staff in to prepare for crowds.

"All of this stuff that’s coming through to say, 'Hey, we love you guys, we love what you stand for, this is our way of helping. I don’t know how else to help but I’ll help in this way,'" Dumas said of the support.

Honey Bear's BBQ owner, Mark Smith, said of the increase business, "Let me tell you something. I haven’t seen business like that on a Tuesday night in probably 20 years."

He hopes it wasn’t just a one night thing and that it’s a sign the community is moving in a new direction.

"I think they’re showing up because people are ready to move in a positive direction by them coming out and supporting minority business and stuff like that, it’s positive. I think people are ready to move forward, Arizona is ready to move forward and be the leader of all states," Smith said.

Here are resources to find local black-owned businesses: