Arizona company offers locally grown produce with contactless delivery

Two Arizona businessmen have started a produce delivery service to help people eat healthy foods while also giving back to the Phoenix community.

Andy Itule, COO of Bird Dog Produce, says fresh fruits and vegetables are an important way to stay healthy - and, in this case, safe.

"We're going to have our spaghetti squashes, which are always popular in the fall time," said Itule, "A new item that has come out recently: heirloom tomato."

Customers can get a box of Arizona-grown produce - with the same quality of food used in restaurants and sold in stores - by ordering online with contactless delivery.

"We are a home delivery service, which bodes well in the COVID era right now, so to speak," said Itule.

Bird Dog has seen a large growth in interest after they started delivering these boxes in February as more and more people are opting to stay home and out of stores.

"Our produce is going to beat the grocery store and a lot of the other distribution channels by sometimes a week, at least two to three days," said Kevin Kemper. "For example these greens that we are getting from Yuma? These were probably picked out of the earth yesterday. Most distribution channels - all distribution channels cannot match that timeline so you're just getting it faster."

However, the two partners have also donated 50 boxes of fresh produce to a nonprofit recently.

"For every 5 boxes purchased, we donate one to a local charity here in the Phoenix area, and that's going to be a box with your staples in it or preselected items, but we do our very best to give back," said Andy Itule.

Andy Itule is the son of local produce purveyor Willie Itule. 

Prices on produce boxes are available on their website, and customers can choose a standard box or make their own custom one.

Check out their website:

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