Arizona father-daughter duo create affirmation cards to perk people's spirits

The pandemic is causing many people to feel anxious, isolated and alone. To combat this, a Valley father and daughter are helping people cope with these feelings and more with cards they call "52 Card Pick Me Up."

The colorful card deck has ways to identify their feelings, offer actions and provide affirmations. The two say that something like this is more useful now than ever.

"It's hard to check in with yourself and hard to identify what you're feeling let alone how to deal with it, but I think the cards can not only help you identify what emotions you're going through but [show you] some of the best ways to handle it," said Naveah Gable.

They say it's something you can use daily - or just when you need a little extra motivation.

"Everyone's going through different things, everyone's going through something, and it can mean so many different things to so many different people," said Naveah.

It serves as a little reminder to take care of yourself.

"Being able to have this tool has been really really cool, even for me," said Dennis Gable.  "I know every word on here and I use it five days a week."

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