Arizona high school holds second annual drag show

Some lawmakers in Arizona introduced bills this year prohibiting children from attending drag shows, but as they try to keep kids away, a high school in southern Arizona held its second annual drag performance.

On April 29, it was a packed house, all for a cause for Tucson High School's Q Space Club, with a variety of drag queens and other performers.

"This a chance for them to exercise their right to express themselves, come in here, and really be who they are," said Tucson Unified Governing Board president, Dr. Ravi Shah.

Shah, along with others on the board, attended.

He says it's a student created and led show, just like every other event on campus.

"I think people really need to look at the difference and stop equating every performance there is. A drag show at a nightclub at midnight is very different than a drag show at brunch at a nonprofit fundraising event, which is different from a drag show in the afternoon at the library, which is different from a drag show here at 6 p.m. in the evening put on by high school students," Shah said.

That didn't stop protesters from coming out to the event.

Linda Nelson says the group she was with was turned away from entering. She says she was going to the event to pray for people watching.

"I've never seen a drag show. What bothers me is public schools are continually sexualizing kids," Nelson claimed.

Matthew Jetsky feels the same way, saying this kind of event should not be on a campus for kids.

Students like Nick Zandaro says these events are important, and help students express their individuality.

"It contributes to student diversity and shows young people not to be scared," he said.