Arizona lab tests if your COVID-19 vaccine has created an immune response

4.3 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered in Arizona as of Friday, April 16. 1.8 million Arizonans have been fully vaccinated.

Some of those vaccinated may wonder if there's a way to test if your vaccination protecting you. Well, they're in luck.

There's a company in the Valley that's specifically testing to see if your vaccine is doing what it should.

Any brand of vaccine you’ve received, there's a way to show if it's doing its job through an antibody test.

"When the lab receives their sample, they are looking for a spiked protein that is in their blood. Either it’s going to be the COVID antibody or it’s going to be their vaccination," says Tiffany Climie, a medical assistant at Any Lab Test Now.

Many people are coming into the lab just for peace of mind, she says, adding, if you’ve had the vaccine, you’ll want to wait about two to three weeks after being tested.

"Non-reactive is going to be a negative. So you haven’t had COVID in the past or the vaccination didn’t work or you didn’t have the vaccination. A reactive is going to be a positive, so it will be, you’ve had COVID in the past or your vaccination worked," Climie explained.

These tests cost $129 and you get your results in about a day or two.

J&J vaccine in Arizona

Arizona Department of Health Services Director Dr. Cara Christ said on Friday that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is still paused in the state, per the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

There are about 12,000 doses on hold in Arizona and will be able to be administered once the pause is lifted.

"Arizona has not received a report of this type of incident like after Johnson & Johnson, but we continue to monitor. All of the adverse events are reported to the CDC. Which means it’s working. It means they are picking up a signal," Christ explained.

She also said on Friday, sites that were administering the J&J vaccine have pivoted and are in most cases offering the other brands, so don’t cancel your appointment.

Pfizer booster shots?

Another topic of discussion is a possible third dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Christ says what we know now is the vaccine is effective for about six months.

"There may need to be a booster shot in order to make sure you remain immune. We continue to watch that. What we hope is by the time that people will need a potential booster, we would have enough vaccine to be able to provide that at a healthcare provider's office, that it’s in all of the pharmacies across the state and it would just become a normal routine thing," Christ said.

She also says there are thousands of appointments available all across the state.

How to sign up and schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment