Arizona man worries for his future as the extra $600 in unemployment is set to expire July 31

Millions of laid-off workers are going to suffer a major blow to their budgets soon as extra aid from the CARES Act is set to expire on July 31.

It's the life preserver the government threw millions of laid-off workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Arizona man, Nolan Golay, is about to take a major hit financially as an extension for the extra $600 a week has not been announced.

"It's pretty nerve-wracking. I've got my mortgage, I've got my bills coming every month," Golay said.

His benefit will drop to Arizona's unemployment benefit of $214 a week and that's not enough even though he’s been living more frugally.

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"I've just been staying home eating mostly chicken, rice and ramen. Trying to keep it on the basics and make sure I can make it through this," Golay said.

He was laid off from his job at a Valley restaurant in March, and started receiving the extra CARES Act unemployment benefit in May.

He is a bartender but bars are closed now.

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He says the market is flooded with laid-off servers and bartenders, but he keeps applying in all industries, which he says has been frustrating.

"Like even simple jobs such as a cashier at Fry's and they tell me I'm overqualified," he explained, adding, "Like how can I be overqualified to ring things up and put them in a bag when honestly I just need a job. I need to make money."

Until he can land a job, Golay is hoping Congress throws laid-off workers like him another lifeline.