Arizona medical experts alarmed over surge in COVID-19 cases

In Arizona, COVID-19 numbers continue to head in the wrong direction.

On Friday, state health officials reported 1,654 new cases, bringing the total number of cases to 32,918. 17 deaths were reported on Friday, bringing the death toll to 1,144.

Valley doctors alarmed

Some Valley doctors say they are alarmed at the new numbers, and are definitely concerned about the trend. They say Arizona is quickly Dr. becoming the hot spot for COVID-19

Dr. Lee Ann Kelley, President of the Maricopa County Medical Society, was rather candid when asked whether Arizona is getting a handle on COVID-19.

"Absolutely not," Dr. Kelley replied.

Dr. Kelley is calling on state leaders, specifically Governor Doug Ducey and State Health Director Dr. Cara Christ. to set examples by wearing masks.

"If they don’t see our leaders doing it, then they think why should I do it? He's not doing it. She’s not doing it. Why should I?" said Dr. kelley.

Dr. Kelley fears Arizona re-opened too soon in reaction to business owners. She says the key to avoiding a second shutdown is everyone wearing masks in public.

"If you can reduce the virus and eliminate the virus, then you can improve the economy and save the economy," said Dr. kelley.

Dr. Elizabeth Wilson, who works as an emergency medicine physician, says ICUs are filling up, and ventilators are running out.

"On a good day, it’s hard to find an ICU bed, and that's another concern that we have," said Dr. Wilson.

Dr. Wilson also talked about the stamina of health care workers.

"Who's going to run those machines? Who’s going to take care of the patients in those beds? We don’t have the personnel to cover all of that," said Wilson.

As cases climb, doctors see a surge of patients coming.

"It’s just hitting Arizona right now. It’s just hitting us, and we are entering crisis mode," said Dr. Wilson. "It is gonna be a disaster."