Arizona nurse honored for selfless work during Las Vegas massacre

Wednesday marked the one-month anniversary of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and one Arizona nurse was just honored for her heroic work that night.

Grace Astgen is an ER nurse at Florence Hospital at Anthem and Banner Health. She was on vacation in Las Vegas with her family when they learned about the mass shooting.

"I was seeing ambulances as far as you could see left, as far as you could see right," said Astgen, recalling the night of October 1. "Back and forth, police officers everywhere. My first thought was, 'oh my god, there's going to be a huge amount of patients coming in. These nurses are going to be overwhelmed.'"

Without a second thought, Astgen googled the nearest hospital, and called offering her assistance. The University Medical Center in Las Vegas gladly accepted the help.

"When the ambulance crews come in, they're rushing in there and you're seeing just what they just saw, because it's all over their face of what the severity of the situation is out there," said Astgen, who worked until 3:00 a.m., helping to triage patients.

A week ago, Astgen was honored by the nonprofit organization Archangel for her work. Astgen, however, said anyone in her position would have done the same.

"I have given up so much in my life to become this, to become somebody who can save somebody else," said Astgen. "I've sacrificed my kids childhoods during nursing school, and working weekends and holidays and doing all this stuff so that I could be able to save somebody if they needed it, and you don't think about it. That's what you do."

Sadly, Astgen realized the next day that one of her good friends and co-workers from Arizona was badly injured. Jovanna Cazadilla's family will be holding a fundraiser, later this week.

Calzadilla's family fundraiser
Nov. 3, 7pm - 2am
Murphy's Law Irish Pub
58 S. San Marcos Place
Chandler, AZ 85225