Arizona Secretary of State speaks out after revealing she was targeted by death threats after election

Arizona's Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, spoke with FOX 10 on Nov. 19, just one day after she announced that she was facing harassment from people not satisfied with the November election results.

In a statement released on Nov. 18, Hobbs addressed the threats in a statement posted on Twitter, writing, "The truth is, I was prepared for these threats of violence and vitriol...These actions are abhorrent, especially when directed at my family and my staff."

"They are a symptom of a deeper problem in our state and country – the consistent and systematic undermining of trust in each other and our democratic process," Hobbs wrote. "Arizonans deserve to know that elections are safe and secure."

On the same day, FOX 10 obtained video from a viewer, showing the scene outside of Hobbs' home. The video shows an angry mob, fuelled by baseless claims of voter fraud, chanting things like "we are watching you."

"Now, folks have started to attack my husband at my place of employment," said Hobbs. "He works for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Their risk management yesterday reported more than 200 threatening phone calls."

Legal challenges of different aspects of Arizona’s elections have failed to turn up hard evidence of an election conspiracy, and a week ago, Trump campaign lawyers even admitted that fraud wasn’t the issue in Arizona.

"We’re not alleging that anyone is stealing the election," said one lawyer.

Hobbs, a Democrat, thinks that other Arizona elected officials should do more to make sure cooler heads prevail.

"I absolutely appreciate that the Governor denounced this kind of activity," said Hobbs, acknowledging that Gov. Doug Ducey has criticized the death threats made against her. "Until our elected leaders, who are right now are choosing to be on the side of those conspiracy theories, stand up and say ‘our elections were conducted with integrity,’ they’re fueling this behavior. It’s going to continue. And that is the step I’d like to see the Governor take."

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