Arizonans celebrate Mother's Day, one year after lockdown

On Mother's Day last year, many restaurants were closed and others only offered takeout as families tried to figure out the best way to celebrate moms in a pandemic.

This year, there's some long lines and pent-up demand at brunch spots across the state.

"It was sad [last year], but I’m glad we can be out safely with masks, said Gilbert resident Hailey Boiarsky.

Meanwhile, David Boiarsky had to cook Mother's Day brunch last year.

"I like cooking, but Jeanne likes the Liberty Market here, so we’re excited to have a little Mother’s Day celebration," Boiarsky said.

Jeanne is a mom around the clock, so celebrating big today after last year's comparatively quiet day made sense.

"Like last year, you really couldn’t go anywhere," Jeanne said. "[David] made breakfast at home because he’s a great cook."

At Liberty Market in Gilbert, lines were out the door and the eatery was maxed out on reservations. Walk-ins would have to wait a while before getting a table.

"It’s such a difference, we’re setting up in the morning - how quiet it was - and then there’s a wave of people," said David Traina with Liberty Market. "It’s wild. I think people are wanting to, you know, enjoy, go out and hang out with their friends and especially their mom today."

Marketing Expert and Arizona State University Professor Leslie Bush says it’s the start of things to come.

"People want to dress up for things," Bush said. "Gifts of jewelry. gifts of clothing. Gifts of flowers…I think we’re going to see more consumer spending than we ever have before."

It seems mothers everywhere were happy to return to some normalcy on their big day.

"I’m happy both of them woke up early to have breakfast with me," said Vanessa Green, another Gilbert resident.

 "Going to have a mimosa!" Jeanne said.

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