Arizonans on edge after aftershocks felt throughout the Valley

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Friday night's earthquake was preceded by Thursday's 6.4-magnitude quake, which hit the Mohave Desert. It was followed by a series of aftershocks, including a few above magnitude 5. All of the earthquakes lasted less than 30 seconds and they were felt nearly 500 miles away, including right here in the Valley.

"It was quite a jolt, but sitting down, I didn't feel it," said John Peletier of Mesa.

If you talk to some across the Valley, that's what they'll say. They didn't feel it, but they sure saw it. From pool waves in Avondale and Surprise to candles and entrance signs swinging from side-to-side. For Peletier and his wife, Nancy, it was their grandfather clock.

"The two bongers started swaying and the next thing you know, the third [started] swinging," Peletier said. "They swang and it hit the side wall and it kept swaying."

We spoke to Arizona University Geologist Ramon Arrowsmith who spoke on the power of these quakes.

"[It's] like snapping your picture," Professor Arrowsmith said, "They go away from the source, but they're still going by the time it gets to Phoenix."

After the first earthquake on Fourth of July, Californians thought they were in the clear.

"Once the area was hit, we were watching, mostly thinking of aftershocks that would be smaller," Professor Arrowsmith said. "This was a surprise, but not a huge surprise to have a big one."

Professor Arrowsmith says there's a tiny possibility there could be a bigger earthquake after the two that were felt in the past two days but for now, just aftershocks.