Arizonans react to Joe Biden's projected win in 2020 presidential race

While Americans across the nation either celebrated or protested a projected win for Democrat Joe Biden over incumbent Donald Trump in the 2020 election, Arizona similarly expressed a mixed bag of reactions ranging from outraged disbelief to joy.

Crowds of Trump supporters gathered at the Arizona State Capitol on Nov. 7 for a 'Stop the Steal' rally in support of the president.

Similar crowds had surrounded the Maricopa County Elections Department, chanting statements ranging from "Count the votes!" to "Stop the vote!" after allegations that officials were not releasing accurate ballot counts and giving people Sharpies that could not be used on ballots.

Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich later dismissed these claims after speaking with Maricopa County officials.

At Wednesday's protest, some counterprotesters showed up but it remained civil. At one point, some of the supporters knelt to pray, asking "good to prevail."

Meanwhile, notable Arizonans have spoken out regarding Biden's projected win. 

Senator Kyrsten Sinema released a statement to the president-elect, writing, "President-elect Biden and I do not agree on every issue, and just as I did when working with President Trump, I will always vote based on what's right for Arizona and will continue working with anyone to get things done for our state.

"Arizonans voted in record-breaking numbers to support pragmatic, practical leaders who will bring Americans together and heal our country's divisions," wrote the senior Arizona senator.

Cindy McCain, the widow of late senator John McCain, congratulated Biden on Twitter.

"Congratulations to my dear friend and President-elect @JoeBiden Vice-President-elect @KamalaHarris," McCain wrote. "I know Joe will unify the country toward a better future."

Daughter Meghan McCain also sent her well-wishes to the president-elect.

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez celebrated the win as well, stating that Native Americans will be able to have a seat at the table with the Biden-Harris administration.

However, notable Republican leaders have yet to make any statements on the news. Governor Ducey and Senator Martha McSally have yet to make any comments to the media.

The Associated Press and Fox News, along with a slew of other national media outlets, called the race for the Democratic nominee after projecting that he would win Pennsylvania and Nevada.

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Biden won the race in Arizona on Election Night earlier this week, according to AP and Fox News projections. Currently, he holds a 20,573-vote lead over President Trump - less than a percentage point of a difference in votes. However, data firms have said that the incumbent president will not be able to make up the difference in votes once every ballot has been counted.

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