Arpaio to testify for 4th day at contempt-of-court hearing

PHOENIX (AP) -- An Arizona sheriff is scheduled to testify for a fourth day at contempt-of-court hearings over his disobedience of a judge's orders in a racial profiling case.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be questioned Thursday by lawyers who have pressed the profiling case against him.

Attorneys for Arpaio haven't yet had a chance to question him in court.

Arpaio was questioned in court previously about an allegation that he launched an investigation of the profiling case's judge in a bid to get him booted from the case.

He denied the allegation and instead insisted the investigation focused on allegations that someone stole bank account information from thousands of people, including the judge.

The judge has said the investigation was intended to show an alleged conspiracy between him and the U.S. Justice Department.