Art sale in Phoenix held to benefit war in Ukraine: 'I'm happy to do what I can do'

Ukrainian Americans living in Phoenix are raising money to help Ukraine and its people through a two-day art sale at the Phoenix Center for the Arts.

Donations came from local artists and the proceeds are all going directly to the people of Ukraine during Russia's violent war on the country.

Dmitri Logvinenko left Ukraine when it was still part of the Soviet Union. Now, he's an American citizen. "I live here for 30 years, but I still think about how I am Ukrainian and an American too," he said.

Watching his homeland fight off Russian attacks from so far away, he says he felt helpless. But, he found a way to help by organizing an art sale and sending all the proceeds to those who need it most.

Local artists were quick to jump in and donate their work.

"I'm sitting in the shade on a hot day. That's not much of a sacrifice compared to the sacrifices other people are making. But it's what I can do, and I'm happy to do what I can do," said Mike Farabee.

He said he felt sympathetic and wanted to help immediately. "They're fighting to protect their home against some of the most naked aggression I've ever seen," Farabee said.

Aggression – he knows needs to end – quickly.

"This has to end. I know that the United States and European Union are supporting Ukraine and that's good, but still, atrocities are committed by Russia and I hope that it's going to end fast with Russia defeated," he said.

For Kseniia Heckman, it's personal.

"Me and my husband were assembling a nursery for our upcoming baby and the same evening, my little sister, she called me, and she said she heard the explosion," Heckman said. "That was a very tragic moment for us."

Ukrainians asking for help are thankful for donations, and the sale is from March 26-27.

Supporters also say to contact lawmakers to ask for more help to be sent to Europe.

For a list of phone numbers of Arizona lawmakers, click here.

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