ASU Police searching for suspect following 2 fondling incidents on Tempe campus

Officials with the Arizona State University Police Department are investigating after two fondling incidents took place on the Tempe campus during the early morning hours of Nov. 23.

According to a statement released by ASU Police officials, officers received the first report at around 1:00 a.m., where the victim, described as a female student, was grabbed in the buttocks without consent by a male riding on a skateboard at the crosswalk on Paseo Del Saber and Apache.

Officials say a similar incident was reported at around 1:23 a.m., near Forest Avenue and University. In this instance, investigators say the suspect touched a female student's breast without her consent as he passed her.

"Both females described the male skateboarder as a white male, late teens to early 20’s, tall with a skinny build, wearing a dark-colored hoodie, dark hat, and khaki pants. In each incident, the suspect fled on a skateboard," read a portion of the statement.

The victims, according to ASU Police, do not know the suspect. Anyone with information should contact ASU Police or Tempe Police.

Students react

As news spread of the two incidents, female students at ASU's Tempe Campus are reacting to the news.

"I understand the feeling of being a girl and having guys either, like, not always physical touch, but even just the way that they look at you and make you feel uncomfortable," said Taeya Meier. "So, like, I definitely feel for them, and to the guy who's going around and doing that, it's really gross."

"I mean, I just think it's disgusting," said Mackenzie Slezak. "Like, why men think that that's OK to do, and even just harassing people. Why they think that's OK to yell stuff at girls just because they're walking?"

Both Slezak and Meier say they are feeling uncomfortable walking the streets.

"I don't like walking around by myself, especially at night here, 'cause I am afraid of that happening, and I carry mace with me. Because of that, I know it's not safe around here," said Slezak.

"I mean, I definitely would recommend all girls, if you're walking at night, to make sure you're not walking alone, and if you are, like, on the phone with someone or something," said Meier. 

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