ASU program rolls out robots to make life easier

More often than not, life would be a lot easier if you could be in two places at once, and for some Arizona State University graduate students, that's now a possibility.

"One of the challenges we have in this program... we have very busy lives whether it be professional or personal," Carrie Tradwell said.

It's common for MBA students to travel for work and research but also participate in class... so how do you do it all?

Enter these guys: Carey, Gizmo, and of course, Sparky.

"It's really great," Stephen Taylor said.

The robots use software available on the internet, so no computer installation is required, and they make telecommuting a breeze.

"You can make it walk around... it's a visual experience on both ends," Gloria Randecker said.

Even though the robots were designed to make work and travel less stressful, classroom attendance is not discounted. Each student in the Professional Flex MBA program may only request to use a robot no more than 10 times.

"Nothing replaces that one-on-one personal connection," Tradwell said.