ASU ranks in the top 10 worldwide for number of patents earned

PHOENIX (FOX 10) — Arizona State University ranked globally for another consecutive year in holding patents. This year the University beat out big-name institutions for a top 10 spot.

Ranking top 10 in global patents, ASU jumped from 17th place in 2017 to the 10th spot awarded in 2018 overall among universities worldwide.

"It's pretty impressive that we've cracked that ceiling, institutions that we're competing with, Boston area, California and others like Wisconsin, Florida, they've been up there for many years," said Stephen Johnston, ASU biology professor.

ASU tied with the University of Michigan for the number 10 spot on the list, earning 130 patents in 2018. That's up from 100 the previous year.

"You have to start with the inventions, any product that's going to go out there and improve health or well-being starts as an invention," explained Johnston.

A wide range of innovations came out of the university.

"Recently we've had our 100th startup that came out of ASU and every one of those startups was based on some patent that a faculty member had," said Johnston.

ASU says the goal of the innovations and medicine department is to keep on climbing.

"I think we're underestimated, I think the fact that we're in the most important intellectual patent driving country, and we're up there among the leaders that are always recognized, I think that's impressive," says Johnston.