Authorities search for the owner of a wedding ring left on a Denny's bathroom counter

Employees at a west valley restaurant need your help to locate the owner of two rings left behind, one of them being a wedding ring.

The general manager for the Denny's in Buckeye, Christy, says they've had the rings for nearly two weeks, and it's now weighing heavy on their hearts to find the owner. 

"On a very busy Saturday, my host went in to do a bathroom check, because we do bathroom checks every 30 minutes, and she saw them sitting on the counter and she walked up to me and said 'I found these rings,'" she recalled. 

Christy asked everyone in the restaurant if the rings belonged to them, but the owners were nowhere to be found. 

"Your wedding rings are your bond. It's more than something you put on your finger. It's a bond that you have. Something you pass on to your children. The meaning behind it touched my heart. I couldn't imagine losing these rings, or if my mother would have lost her rings, what it would be like," Christy said.

She handed the rings over to Buckeye Police, and the department says they will do their due diligence to either find the owners or hope that someone comes in and claims them.

Another way the department will look for the owners is to run a check to see if someone has already filed a police report for the rings. 

If you're the owner of these rings or know who they belong to, you are asked to contact the Buckeye Police Department