Avondale motorcycle shop hit again as thieves take 6,000 lb. specialized machine used to make parts

Thieves targeted a business again, making off with trailers and parts for the second time in as many months. This time, a very expensive and heavy piece of equipment was stolen and the owner of the shop wants the community to keep an eye out.

What would you do with a 6,000 pound CNC metal mill that makes motorcycle parts? That's what's missing from an Avondale shop and the owners are hoping it will be hard to miss and recovered quickly.

Kris Hunter makes a living buying, selling, and manufacturing small motorcycles. Affordable Powersports near 6th Street and Western Avenue is typically stocked with the mini machines. And to try and crank them out faster, he invested in a specialized machine to help make parts, but it's gone now.

"$10,000.. $15,000. It wasn't a very cheap excursion to go out and get the machine," said Hunter.

His machine and the trailer it's on were taken by thieves earlier this week. He was keeping it off-site near the store behind lock and key.

Hunter says the thieves attached the trailer to a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV and took off from the scene.

"We have been fortunate enough to recover some stolen property in the past. We’re just hoping the community come together, help us find this, and put some bad guys away and make it a better Christmas for everybody."

The irony is that Hunter's shop sits across the street from the Avondale Jail. And whoever has his trailer and the manufacturing machine now is probably having a tough time with it since it weighs 6,000 pounds.

He says the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is reviewing the security footage.

"It was very heavy, it would require a crane or boom lift to remove from the trailer due to the location. It’s not something your average Joe would be able to swing down to a pawn shop or scrapyard and get rid of very easily."

Hunter is offering a $1,000 reward for the equipment and an extra $500 if the thieves are arrested. 


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