AZ Cardinals host special needs kids camp in Gilbert

The Arizona Cardinals teamed up with the Gilbert Unified School District to host a special needs kids camp.

About 250 students from Gilbert schools got to participate in the Cardinals Kids Camp for Special Needs. Anthony Nguien was one of them.

"You have to run, jump over the barrels, and then go around the cones, and then hand the football to the next person," said Anthony Nguien.

Students learned from a pro, quite literally. Tight end John Carlson with the Arizona Cardinals was on-site, coaching them through.

"More than anything though we just want them to come out and have fun," said Carlson.

Through the camp the students learned discipline and how to be part of a team. Carlson says they are also finding out the importance of exercise.

"It helps them develop those behaviors where they want to be active, they want to exercise, they want to do things that are good for their health," he said.

Darla Knight is a special-ed teacher as well as a parent of a special needs child. She helped coordinate the event after seeing how much her son enjoyed meeting the Cardinals' players and getting outdoors.

"So I wanted all my students to have that opportunity to meet the Cardinals and to participate in events they normally wouldn't participate in," said Knight.

And although the camp only lasts one day, the excitement of it will go on.

"My students for the rest of the week will be talking about this," she said.