Betty H. Fairfax High School lockdown lifted following reports of an armed person, suspicious backpack

Betty H. Fairfax High School went on lockdown Tuesday afternoon, but it's now over, after police got reports of an armed person on campus, and the investigation then quickly turned to an investigation of a suspicious backpack.

The school is near 59th Avenue and Baseline Road.

About an hour after the lockdown was enforced, all was deemed OK and families were reunited.

"The lockdown has been lifted. All students are safe. We will follow a structured release plan and exit through the front of school. This is where student pickup will take place. Thank you for your patience and continued trust," said Richard Franco with Phoenix Union.

Police also provided an update on the lockdown being lifted, saying the suspicious backpack claims were unfounded.

"Students are being systematically released from Betty Fairfax High School. All the students and staff are safe. The school was on lockdown which has now been lifted, as there was secondhand information about a person with a gun who may have been seen on campus. One person was detained, and no gun was found. Officers will continue to investigate this incident. There were erroneous reports that a suspicious backpack was also found. That is not the case," said Sgt. Melissa Soliz.

What happened?

Police said the school was on lockdown after they got reports of dangerous activity.

"The school is currently on lockdown. Officers are on scene searching the area while trying to verify information received. One person has been detained and no weapon found," Soliz said in an email around 3 p.m.

Franco advised parents to not yet head to the school, but that didn't stop some parents from waiting outside the building to reunite with their kids.

"Phoenix PD is investigating a suspicious backpack at Betty Fairfax High School. All students are safe. The campus is on lockdown. We are in the process of evacuating the school. Reunification details and more information will come soon. Please do not drive to the school yet," Franco said. "All students and staff are safe. We will provide an update when the lockdown has been lifted," Franco said.

No further information is available.

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Betty H. Fairfax High School on lockdown following reports of an armed person, suspicious backpack on Sept. 13, 2022

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