Bodycam footage released of Cottonwood Police shooting shows struggle ensued

Bodycam video footage was released from an officer-involved shooting incident in Cottonwood that left one person dead.

That person was identified as 32-year-old Donovan Jelicich. In the video, Jelicich could be seen striking the officer multiple times and putting the officer in a chokehold before the shooting took place.

The officer can be seen attempting to subdue Jelicich with a taser before firing a single gunshot at the 32-year-old, which would eventually claim his life days later in a hospital.

Jelicich was originally pulled over for driving without his headlights on and tailgating a different vehicle. 

In the video, Jelicich is questioned as to why he exited the vehicle in the first place. 

The officer - who was only identified as a six-year veteran - asks Jelicich if there is something wrong, to which Jelicich replies, "Yeah, there is too much going on in the city."

It's at that moment that the officer is hit in the head and a struggle ensues.

The officer and Jelicich are seen rolling down an embankment in a tussle. Jelicich is then seen walking back toward his vehicle when it appears he is hit with a taser.

After recovering from being tased, he attacks the officer again. It is during the second attack when the officer fires his weapon at Jelicich. 

At that point, another officer arrives and Jelicich is handcuffed. 

According to the video, Jelicich was airlifted to the hospital where he died.

The officer responsible for the shooting was placed on non-disciplinary administrative leave. The incident occurred on April 12.

Map of where the incident took place: