Breakfast Club employee that revealed 'n word' incident said the worker involved should have been fired sooner

On Friday, people continue to react to news that a Breakfast Club employee involved in writing the "n-word" on an order ticket has been fired by the company.

The incident has prompted backlash for the restaurant, which is located at Cityscape in Downtown Phoenix.

Rakevion White

"A lot of changes are being made, and the steps are being taken to make this a better work environment," said Rakevion White.

White had brought the incident to the public's attention, with a social media post showing an order ticket at the restaurant he's a server at. Instead of a name, it had the "n-word" written. 

White says the slur was directed at him, but the restaurant said the cook put it in place of his own name.

A photo showing a food ticket that is at the center of a racism-related incident at the Breakfast Club location in Downtown Phoenix. The derogatory term printed on the ticket has been obscured from view. (Courtesy: Rakevion White)

"I was the one who was working, and I had to handle the ticket, so I can say that it was sent to me," said White.

When the decision was made to fire the employee on Thursday, White released a statement saying it should have happened sooner.

White is still a server at the restaurant.

Officials with Breakfast Club said firing an employee who had worked there for five years was the only way to ensure that discrimination was not tolerated. 

On Friday, White's supporters hinted that this isn't over, alleging more employees have complaints that they'll reveal next week.