Burglary suspects pose as tree trimmers, assault couple

"They are scumbags was my first thought and I got to get rid of them."

Linda Norman is talking about two men caught on surveillance video trying to get inside of her home. The same men they say is the reason why her 88-year-old husband, Richard, is all bandaged up.

It started out as a typical Tuesday for them last week.

"I had a doctor's appointment and I picked them up from school."

Richard was outside with his walker pulling weeds when two men pulled up and said they needed to trim the trees because of power lines -- but there are no power lines near the Norman's home.

"I told them no you're not gonna trim my tree."

The men went around the back of the home. Video shows them snooping all around the home, knocking on the back door. That's when they met Linda and their story started changing.

"They wanted to buy stuff and the one guy said I'll buy.. I'll get rid of your boat for you," said Linda.

And that's when she knew something wasn't right.

"Something's not right here.. they're not coming any further in my home," she said.

Meanwhile, her 10-year-old grandson, Kreason, who was listening in the whole time, called 911.

"Because when my grandma asked them for their identification, they said it was in the truck," he said.

Linda says that's also when the men tried to run away, but not without coming across Richard again and shoving him into a trailer.

"I was bleeding very good," he said.

Linda and Richard still aren't quite sure what exactly these men wanted, but they do think they saw her and her husband as easy targets.

"My husband sits out here about everyday pulling weeds.. gives him something to do.. he's 88. They might've thought nobody's in the house and elderly person," said Linda.

The first suspect is described as a white male, 25 - 30 years old, 6 feet tall, weighing 170 pounds with balding black hair and a "chin strap" style beard. The second suspect is described as a white male in his mid to late 40s, 5' 9" tall, weighing 155 pounds with dark graying hair and a dark mustache. They were driving a gray Chevrolet Silverado single cab work truck.

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