Business converts home movies and photos to digital files

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz (FOX 10) -- A business in Scottsdale can convert your old home videos and paper photos into digital files.

What was once old can be new again.

"Just by tapping you can watch this was shot in '60s and now it's streaming live to your iPhone wherever you are," Mark Rukavina, the founder of iMemories.

Back in the 60s, well before smartphones and digital cameras, big events and special occasions were captured on camera and printed as pictures or slides and even shot as home movies, memories that have probably been buried since.

"They're traditionally collecting dust and somehow rotting away in basements and attics and storage closets and garages and there's precious material on all this content that we digitize which means we preserve it," said Rukavina.

iMemories in Scottsdale has thousands of VCR and video decks that have been modified to modernize your memories.

"I remember watching those tick tick tick you know those home movie film reels and how it felt to watch my own childhood," said Rukavina. "I came up with the concept of let's put this on modern devices because no one was doing it."

Once the old images are converted, they're stored and made accessible through any device. It is usually a two to three-week turnaround.

"Most people are sharing to the people they love you just click a link," says Rukavina.

iMemories is the largest provider of this service. In the 15 years since the company started, 500,000 families have been served and over 15 billion home movies and photos saved.

The company is offering special prices in honor of Father's Day. Check out their website.