Camelback High School turned into COVID-19 vaccination site

On April 1, Camelback High School in Phoenix was transformed into a COVID-19 vaccination site, as the school worked with the Phoenix Union High School District to distribute the Moderna vaccine.

The site had a goal on Thursday to vaccinate 700 educators and childcare providers. Initially, school officials say they were just providing second doses of the Moderna vaccine, but they ended up being able to give some first doses as well.

The vaccination site was a walk-in event, so no one had to make appointments to get the vaccine. School principal James Arndt said he was excited that the school can do its part to get people vaccinated.

"A full day people moving in and out, taking selfies, the music sounds like it’s passed, but it’s been like a vaccine party here, so a lot of fun. Really proud to be a part of Phoenix Union and to do this at Camelback High School," said Arndt.

The district has partnered with other schools recently to administer the vaccine, having opened up similar PODs at Central, Carl Hayden, and Maryvale High Schools.