Camelback named one of the most popular mountains in America: 'I believe it'

Camelback Mountain has been named one of the most popular mountains in America. It's not only unique looking, but it's a hikers delight.

It's ranked as America's fifth favorite mountain to climb.  

"I believe it," a hiker said. "It’s great!"

Family Destinations Guide analyzed Tripadvisor reviews and ratings, along with Instagram data, to determine Camelback Mountain is one of hikers' favorites following Mount Rainier in Washington, Haleakala Crater in Hawaii, Lookout Mountain in Georgia and Grand Teton in Wyoming.

"I was scrolling through TikTok and it came up," said Brenda Parkinson.


"Number 5? I’d say that’s probably accurate," Geoffrey Watson said. "Because I have been on maybe more scenic hikes that are a little more removed from the city.

"The backside now probably is my favorite. Cholla is probably my favorite," Guy Counselman said.

"I use All Trails, so I just looked up 10 mile radius from Scottsdale where we’re staying, typed in difficulty. We like hard hikes so that’s why we started with the hardest one," a hiker said.

It's ranked as one of the most popular ones, but certainly not one of the easiest.

"It’s hard," Parkinson said. "It’s a hard hike. I don’t know about tourists coming and doing Camelback or Cholla. This side of Cholla, and Echo Canyon, yeah, it’s not for the faint of heart."

Taylor Scott said, "It’s challenging. When you get to the top it’s definitely more technical on your hands a little bit more."

If you're ready for a challenge, and 360 degrees of the Valley, experienced hikers will tell you to pack extra water and come see it for yourself.

"It’ll bring more people to the trails and hang out at Camelback Mountain. It’s a great place to come visit," Scott said.

Camelback Mountain is one of the most trafficked mountain in Arizona and it accounts for many, if not most, of hiker rescues due to the difficulty, the summer's heat, injuries, or lack of water.

Map of Camelback Mountain: