Cards For Jacob; valley teen receives cards for birthday

A valley boy's birthday wish is coming true right now.

Jacob Priestly is living with a terminal disease, and for his birthday he had a simple request, to receive birthday cards from all over.

The Phoenix Mercury and Suns saw the story we did with Jacob a few weeks ago, and they wanted to help out too.

They held a birthday party for Jacob in Gilbert. The Gorilla, Scorch, and Weezy from the Suns and Mercury were on hand to help Jacob celebrate his special day.

The Mercury also held a card drive at last weekends games, collecting more than 400 cards for Jacob.

Jacob's body doesn't produce enough energy to power his cells and organs. He stays indoors most of the time and has been in and out of the hospital.

Last year for Jacob's birthday his mother organized a card drive, he had the same request this year and had no idea it would be on a much grander scale.

In addition to cards the teams brought presents, an Archie Goodwin autographed jersey and an autographed show from his favorite Mercury player Diana Taurasi.

Jacob also got four tickets to the Mercury-Sparks game on September 11.

You can still send Jacob a birthday card by mailing them to:
Jacob Priestley
P. O. Box 855
Queen Creek, AZ 85142