Cat helps itself to some milk during online church service

A cat stole the show during an online prayer service after it was caught on camera stealing some milk.

Dr. Robert Willis, dean of Canterbury Cathedral, was in the middle of an online sermon when Tiger the cat jumped onto the chair next to him.

After eyeing the jug of milk presumably left after Dr. Willis’ morning tea, the not-so-stealthy feline climbed onto the table to nab a taste.

“Sorry, we have acquired a friend this morning,” the reverend apologized to the viewers as he caught Tiger in action. After giving the cat a stroke, he smoothly continued on with his message.

Tiger continued to dip his paws into the jug and lick them, before he eventually left the table the same way he arrived.

The Cathedral’s official Twitter account made sure to include the special guest in their morning prayer invitation.

“Join Dean Robert — and Tiger — for today’s Morning Prayer from the gardens of the Canterbury Cathedral,” read the tweet.

This is not the first time that the cats of Canterbury Cathedral have stolen the spotlight. In May, another one of the cats, Leo, became a sensation after he disappeared under Willis’ robes in the middle of the video service.