CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Suspects rip artwork off wall of Downtown Phoenix Bar

Caught on camera: a pair of brazen thieves in action at a popular bar in Downtown Phoenix. They were seen, on surveillance camera, stealing some artwork from Bitter and Twisted by ripping it right off the wall.

"It was kinda shocking," said Ross Simon, the bar's owner. "It's just something you don't expect normal human beings over the age 21 to do."

The incident happened early Sunday morning, when a woman and a friend walk back into the bar, and begin to case the wall. The first attempt failed when someone exited the kitchen. Seconds later, after a few twists and turns, the woman was seen ripping one of the artwork off the wall.

"Maybe it fell off, but no," said Simon. "There's some girl who was trying to rip off the artwork, and stick it up her skirt."

Simon said he has seen stealing before, but not like this.

"Normally it's like coasters," said Simon. "This was ripping something off the wall."