Caught on video: Suspect vandalizes luxury cars, dances for camera

Over the weekend, someone headed to the Plaza Motors car dealership on Scottsdale Road and did more than $15,000 in damage to the vehicles there.

Tempe Police say the suspect looks to be a white male in his late teens.

The manager of Plaza Motors is now offering a reward as they try to catch this brash and bold vandal.

On a skateboard, with earphones in, the young suspect arrived at the Plaza Motors car lot Saturday morning around 5:00 and with a rock in hand, started carving into the vehicles.

"He's just carving away with a rock, actually I have footage of him coming in earlier, picking up the rock from my lot," said General Sales Manager Justice Rovin.

Here's what he was carving: Trippie -- the name of a rapper into a silver Ferrari, the numbers 14 and 1400 into a red Ferrari, another 1400 and destructive swirl on an Aston Martin and on a BMW, the words "do it for state."

Rovin has no idea what any of it means.

"At this point, I'm emotionally done with it. Not much left there, but I'm pretty pissed."

After carving, the suspect stopped to take a picture of his destruction. At one point, he appears to do a little dance for the camera. Rovin says he's pretty sure the suspect is taunting.

"You know he enjoys it. You can tell. You see the smile. I don't know if it's drugs, but I think he's just enjoying damaging property and sharing it with a closed group through social media."

Rovin says they want nothing more than to see this vandal caught. A reward of $3,000 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.