Chandler neighborhood throws surprise birthday drive-by for WWII veteran

Jack Holder has been through a lot in his life. As a World War II veteran, he survived the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

"The first bomb that fell in Pearl Harbor fell about 100 yards from me. It hit the aircraft hanger next to mine," said Holder. “I saw guys swimming through burning oil and water, trying to reach a beach. Most of them died in the water. Some of them died when they reached the beach. It’s a sight I’ll never forget. It was devastation."

Now, in his late 90s, he is living life in the COVID-19 era. On Dec. 13, people gathered for an amazing tribute to Holder, on the day of his 99th birthday.

"It’s really awesome. I can’t believe it," said Holder, as his Chandler neighborhood put a smile on his face with a special birthday drive-by. "It's quite an honor to me. I didn't expect any of this," said Holder. "I'm not sure that I deserve it, but it's certainly a welcome sight. I appreciate everything."

With everything he has been through, Holder says this was a moment that ranks near the top.

"I want to thank everyone here. I don’t know how to thank you enough. But you’ve got to realize how much appreciate it," said Holder.