Chandler Police release Oct. 8 home invasion footage – a 'terrifying experience' for family inside

The Chandler Police Department is asking the public for help to identify two home invasion suspects from Oct. 8.

At around 10 p.m. near Chandler Boulevard and Dobson Road, officers responded to reports of a home invasion.

"Through interviews with the victims, Chandler Police Department detectives learned two suspects forced entry into the home through the back sliding glass door. The victims were awake when they heard loud banging. When a family member went to the back door, they observed shattered glass in the interior floor of the home," Det. Eva Zermeño.

The suspects, who were reportedly armed, ran away on foot. They are described as males in their early 20s.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Chandler Police at 480-782-4130 and reference report number #2021-110544.

Oct. 9 home invasion suspect. Courtesy of Chandler Police

Oct. 9 home invasion suspect. Courtesy of Chandler Police

‘Still kind of in a state of shock’

"It sounded like an explosion, to be honest," said the homeowner on Nov. 2, almost a month after the break-in. He doesn't want to be identified for safety reasons.

He wants the two suspects to be arrested.

The homeowner says he started walking down the stairs when he saw one of the suspects in his house. 

"I only got to see one individual kind of making his way in the house, so that was kind of terrifying to run into this individual," he said.

The family was left to clean up the shattered glass and was, of course, shaken up by the break-in.

"It took three or four days, still kind of in a state of shock and all day, just kind of going over and over and over the events," he said.

Police say a suspect vehicle was not seen by witnesses.

Although the homeowner and his family don't want to live in fear, they remain on high alert.

"Consider myself very fortunate that nothing bad really happened other than I guess the impact and the terrifying experience itself," the homeowner said.

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