Chandler Police surprise autistic girl with replacement bike

A Chandler Police Officer made a very special delivery to a woman with autism.

Her bike was recently stolen, and this officer went beyond the call of duty to make sure she got a new one.

Chandler Police gets calls about stolen bikes all the time, but this call was a little different. The woman using the bike has autism and depends on the bike to get around. That is why one Chandler officer stepped up to make sure she could hit the roads, once again.

Candice Johnson carefully adjusted the seat on her brand new Schwinn; the 23-year-old is Autistic and had her old bike stolen just a few weeks ago.

"I felt sad when it got taken," said Candice Johnson.

Since Candice can't drive, she counts on a bike for freedom; it helps with her motor skills and doing simple tasks like getting the mail. Officer Ruben Sanchez responded to the call about Candice's stolen bike.

"As soon as I heard the whole story it really did hit me hard, it really did, this little girl you know she's a fighter," said Officer Ruben Sanchez.

Officer Sanchez knew he needed to help. He contacted a friend at WalMart and bought Candice a brand new bike.

"She was happy, she was laughing, she was giggling, she jumped right on top of it and it was like her bike never left," said Sanchez.

"This is really a big thing for her, and also a big thing for us, that we were very thankful," said Rita Johnson.

Candice says she is thankful, and from now on she will be using two bike locks instead of one.

"If somebody comes, if I don't forget to lock it up, then it will get stolen again, and I won't have another bike," said Candice.

Candice's grandfather told us that Candice is so savvy on the internet, that she actually found out she was getting a new bike delivered before it ever came.