Charging decision on parents of Oxford mass shooting suspect expected on Friday

UPDATE: Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald has called a press conference for noon where she will announce charges against the parents of the Oxford High School shooting suspect. See our latest story here.

Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said she will make a decision soon on charges against James and Jennifer Crumbley. 

"We are reviewing potential charges and hope to have an announcement in the next 24 hours," she said Thursday.  

The Crumbleys appeared via Zoom in court Wednesday for the hearing of their son – 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley. The mass shooting suspect is facing terrorism and murder charges in the tragedy at Oxford High School Tuesday. 

Police say James Crumbley bought the Sig Sauer 9mm handgun allegedly used in the shooting just four days before – purchased legally at a local shop, it was possibly a Christmas present for Ethan. 

FOX 2 asked – what charges could the parents face?  

"I don’t think it would make much sense to deal with a hypothetical at this point," McDonald said. "But I would be happy to answer your questions when we do make a decision on whether or not we charge anyone further."  

As we wait - the warning signs of the shooting linger.  

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The day before, and day of the shooting, Oxford High School officials met with Crumbley and his parents after teachers warned of his behavior at school, which included drawing violent pictures in class.  


Shooting suspect Ethan Crumbley

But school officials never told police, or the school resource officer embedded in the district.  

FOX 2 has contacted Oxford Community Schools and the school board dozens of times for comment but has not gotten a response to our questions.  

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james and jennifer crumbley

James and Jennifer Crumbley

FOX 2 asked at Thursday’s press conference – if school officials are being investigated as well. 

"I can't answer about what mistakes were made - we don’t investigate mistakes," McDonald said. "And we don’t investigate, the sheriff’s department does. We are looking at the whole situation and we will hold accountable, to the extent possible, anybody we think committed any criminal act and that's really all I can say at this time."

Crumbley's behavioral record at the school was clean heading into the recent incidents this week. He is being charged and held as an adult and has pleaded not guilty. 


The four shooting victims at Oxford High School who lost their lives in the attack.