Chas Roberts gives free A/C unit to woman in need

MESA, Ariz. (FOX 10) - "I knew that God helps the widows, so I knew he would come through for me," Mary Root said.

A few years ago, Mary Root moved from her dream home she once shared with her late husband to something more affordable, so she can care for her two great-grandchildren.

Through the hottest days of summer, Mary and her family have fought tooth and nail with a very old A/C unit at times, going days without any A/C at all.

"I have five fans in the house, so we have them all on, but it was miserable," she said.

When local A/C and plumbing company Chas Roberts heard Mary's story, the knew no recipient would be more deserving of their "Cool Play Giveaway," where each year they donate and install a free A/C cooling system to two Valley families in need.

"Mary really tugged at our heartstrings," said Erika Bromagem of Chas Roberts. "Mary is a mom. We all have moms. Moms just do everything -- they go the extra mile -- so we were reading Mary's story and we were like, 'This is mom! It would be so nice to be able to give her something back."

Now, Mary says she can rest a little easier.

"It's a great relief off my mind not to not have to worry about that big thing out on the side of the house and just to be able to invite people in and not say 'Oh, it's hot in here,'" she said.

She looks forward to enjoying her first night in her cooler home.

"Something that huge looming on the side of your house that's going to give out any second again, you know," she said. "It's going to be a good night."