Made In Arizona: Onyx Sweet Shoppe in Phoenix makes all of its items on site

With valentine's day this weekend, sugar is top of mind.

Pound cake, cheesecake, and cookies are but a few treats made with sugar, and one phoenix dessert shop has it all, and their goods are made fresh on site.

Owned by a local couple, "Onyx Sweet Shoppe" is celebrating one year in business this week.

Vernon and Kathi Williams moved to Arizona from Chicago in 2016 to retire and have some fun. That turned into opening their own business, Onyx Art Gallery.

"We just decided to do something that we're good at and like doing, and we started baking," said Vernon.

As it turns out, Vernon’s pound cake was a big hit back in Chicago.

"People would have something that we'd make at a family function, and it's like, 'oh, can you make me one of these too?'" said Kathi.

The couple then opened up Onyx Sweet Shoppe, located at 1348 W. Roosevelt Avenue, right next to the art gallery.

"We're always cooking at home, and so this is fun. This isn't even work," said Kathi.

Now, they’re making pies, cakes, cheesecakes, coffee drinks, and other items. People will find the place at The Shoppe on West Roosevelt in Phoenix. It’s a space that initially came with a warning from other tenants.

"This area really wasn’t the place that most people wanted to come to," said Vernon.

Over time, however, it’s grown to be a vibrant part of town.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has really put Kathi and Vernon's main goal of making people happy in focus. They now aim to provide a safe, relaxing space for people to feel at home.

"We feel like we are contributing to the neighborhood by being this particular sweet shop, making things affordable for people to purchase, and having them come in and not feel like they're just a number," said Vernon.

Eventually, they want to add savory treats to the menu, and the goal is to find a larger space in the same area to house both the art gallery and the sweet shop, so people can gather, discuss ideas, and just enjoy.


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