Child drowns days after being pulled out of pool: Goodyear PD

Police in Goodyear announced on Aug. 25 that a child has died following a water-related incident earlier in the week.

According to a statement, first responders were called out to the area of Sarival Avenue and Yuma Road on Aug. 23, after the victim was found underwater.

The child, according to police, was underwater for an unknown period of time. Police officials said the victim was taken to the hospital, and passed away during the late night hours on Aug. 24.

Tips for child safety around the pool

Goodyear Police officials gave a list of safety advice in light of the child's drowning. The advice include:

  • Always supervise children when they are in proximity to water
  • Be consistently aware of your children's whereabouts, particularly when there's a pool at home.
  • Acquire knowledge of CPR and fundamental water rescue techniques
  • For those with limited swimming abilities, using a life jacket is advisable
  • Stay well-informed about water conditions and potential hazards

Area where the incident happened