Christopher Creek Recreation Area still open for business, despite fire restrictions

Despite partial closures in five national forests across the state, many places are still open for business, including the popular Christopher Creek Recreation Area near Payson.

The area is a favorite destination for camping and hiking, and as triple-digit temperatures are forecast to hit the Valley, many people want to escape the heat. However, with all of the closures, some might think they don't have options.

"A lot of my friends, they just thought since the forest is closed, this place was closed too, and it's absolutely not," said Tiffany Weinsch, who runs the Creekside Restaurant. "Everything up here is alive and kicking and going."

Tiffany said things in the Christopher Creek Recreation Area are still open for business, despite being surrounded by closures. Tiffany's husband, Brian Weinsch, runs the Christopher Creek Lodge.

"It's huge. We're about 20 degrees cooler up here, so for people to think that there's nothing up here to come to, it definitely hts our business," said Brian.

Christopher Creek is a favorite destination for camping and hiking, and there's still plenty of that to do in the area, among many other things.

"If you love trees and nature and just want to sit on your porch and hear the creek go by, this is the place to come," said Tiffany.

"Woods Canyon and Willow Springs Lakes are still open, as well as Bear Canyon Lake up on the Rim, so you can still go to those places," said Brian.

No word on when these restrictions will be lifted.