Cleanup efforts continue in Scottsdale following powerful monsoon storms

In Scottsdale, cleanup efforts are still underway a week after the city was pounded by strong storms.

The storms left behind a trail of damage. from uprooted trees to down powerlines, but the scene was completely different on July 28, compared to the Thursday before, as crews get busy cleaning up the streets.

Still, some signs of damage from last week's storms remain visible, as several large uprooted trees remain in parts of Old Town Scottsdale.

Max Boedder said what he experienced last week was a first for him since living in the area.

"We moved here from California, and you know, last summer, we really didn’t have anything like that so we were surprised," said Boedder.

Officials with the City of Scottsdale said, in a statement, that crews have been working continuously to clear the debris, and will be dealing with stump removal and repairing fences in the coming weeks.Frances Pappalardo says she impressed with the clean up so far.

"I was going to Walgreens the next day to get some medication, and they had a powerline that fell on it. They had a lot of damage but the community was there, responders were there taking care of things, so they were up and running by the afternoon," said Pappalardo.

One park that had extensive damage was the McCormick Stillman Railroad Park. According to city officials, the park will reopen to the public on the morning of July 29. However, the train will not be running. They hope to get the park fully operational by next week.

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