Coming soon: All-mail voting for Maricopa County elections

Come November, Maricopa County will have all mail voting for local elections, such as city council and school board races.

"Ballot by mail is more secure than in-person precinct-based voting. It's less expensive and it's a better way to give voters more options about how to vote, when to vote, where to vote," said Maricopa County Recorder, Adrian Fontes.

Fontes says moving to an all mail voting process was an economic decision.

"This is not a new thing we're doing. In fact, for jurisdictional elections in 2013, 96 percent of our voters voted by mail and in 2015, 97 percent of the voters voted by mail. So instead of subsidizing that three percent, having to set up polling places all over and print a bunch of ballots that aren't going to get used."

Another change: there will be ballot centers and not polling places. Those who still want to fill out a ballot in person can do so at any ballot center.

"With a ballot center, you can vote all over the county, you can pick any ballot center you want and we're expanding the number and the time of their availability as well, so you can vote more at your convenience," said Fontes.

We spoke with voters and some say they like the idea of mail-in only, while others say they like voting in person.

"For me, I like writing things down, so for me, filing it out and sending it in, that's cool," said Mike.

Bob added, "I'll take it or leave it either way. I'm okay with it. I would rather feel more part of the community by standing around my fellow residents."

Fontes says this will also help with lines because people can go to whatever ballot center they want. He wants to remind people if they will be going to a ballot center, you still need to bring your driver's license and voter identification.