Computer outage knocks out service to MVD and other state agencies

A computer outage knocked out service to several state agencies including the MVD.

The issue has since been resolved, but not before causing some delays for customers.

Overnight, officials said computer technicians found a malfunction with a line that serves several state agencies. By morning, repairs continued but MVD services, authorized third-party offices statewide and took a hit.

ADOT officials released a statement on the issue.

This is the second straight week with an outage. Last Wednesday, an outage caused all MVD computers to go down statewide, as well as third party offices.

Another computer outage happened back on August 21. The cause of this incident is unrelated to previous incidents.

On Thursday, FOX 10 spoke with a woman who said she needed new tags, but because of the malfunction, she couldn't get it done.

Yvette Scott said her apartment complex will tow her car if the issue didn't get resolved.

"So, they give me a letter I can give to my apartment complex, saying that my car is trying to get tags because I did get the emissions test and it passed, but I can't get the tags because the system is down, and no matter where I go I can't get it," said Scott. "So, they want me to come back later this afternoon to try again."

The disruption lasted about four hours Thursday. Service Arizona was back online before noon.