Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro speaks at Grand Canyon University

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- 1,800 young conservatives showed up to hear Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro speak Wednesday night at Grand Canyon University.

Originally, the school had canceled the event, claiming a student group that booked him did not go through the proper channels. The school, however, later worked directly with Shapiro to book Wednesday night's appearance. The students gathered inside a campus building to hear what Shapiro had to say, and there was even a stand-by line for students who didn't have tickets.

"His views are pretty popular among college kids and kids that wanna form their own identity, form their own opinions," said one student.

"I think he's very good at letting people know what the truth is," said another student.

"Thanks to Grand Canyon University's administration for hosting me, eventually," said Shapiro.

A week after GCU initially stopped Shapiro from speaking in February, which sparked a controversial back and forth between the Christian university, Conservative group Young America's Foundation, and Shapiro himself, the speaker contract was signed. Shapiro, however, hasn't forgotten.

"they wanted to quote focus on opportunities to bring people together. As we can see tonight those values and the core value of free speech and open discussion and debate bring a hell of a lot of people together."

Shapiro, known for his views on controversial issues, presented a lecture called "Why We Need Faith and Reason" to a packed house of young conservatives.

"We're the most prosperous free society in the history of humanity," said Shapiro. "As you can pick any time to be born, you would pick right now, right here. There's no other time to pick."

After the speech, Shapiro took questions from students, and even asked those who have disagreements with him to come to the front.